Image result for cateringIf you have booked a self catering holiday cottage and want ideas on how to get the most from your time away, then look no further. Follow these hints and tips, and have a great holiday.

Check out the accommodation facilities before travel

If you check out the accommodation’s facilities before you travel, you may be able to save yourself from over packing. Some self catering holiday cottages come complete with laundry services, either in the cottage itself, or nearby. If this is the case, you can pack less clothes and give them a wash midway through the week. You can even do a load before you head home, which can save you having to do it once you get back. If the cottage supplies bedding and towels, you can save yourself space in your luggage by not taking your own with you, and the same can be said for electronics such as a hairdryer, too.


You will need to know what sort of activities are available in the cottage, and the local area. For example, is there a television? A DVD player? Is there even a radio? If you are holidaying with children, then these things could be important, especially for evenings in, or if the weather is not good for exploring. If the cottage does not have them, then you will have to take entertainment of your own, board games handheld gaming consoles, or a portable DVD player.

The daily activities in the local area could include water-sports, sightseeing trips or boat trips. The adults in the group might like to take in any historical sites too. It is important to know what is near by or if a car needs to be hired.

One important tip cannot be stressed too much. Tin openers, bottle openers and corkscrews are often overlooked. It is safer to take your own than find out too late!