Related imagePacking can be a headache for many a traveller, knowing what to take with you can lead to pre-holiday stresses and worries that could easily be avoided. Whether you are enjoying a city break, a sun-soaked beach holiday abroad or hiring a holiday cottage in Bath, follow these packing hints and tips to reduce your pre-holiday panic.

  • Make a list – Sounds simple but it actually works. If you know you need to take various chargers with, you add them to the list. That way you won’t forget that all important phone charger, foreign socket adapters or your camera. You can take the list with you too, tick off the items as you are putting them back in your suitcase so you don’t leave anything behind.
  • Pack Light – Easier said than done depending on where you are holidaying too. Check the weather reports for the area, that way you will have a good idea of what sort of clothes you will be mainly wearing. For example, a couple of pairs of shorts, a skirt and 3 tops can be mixed and matched to create a different outfit for every day for a week-long holiday. Too often we tend to take items of clothing we never even wear, but we do it “just in case”. extra tip – roll your clothes, not fold, it will save space and reduce creases.
  • Wear heavier clothing to travel – If you know you will need a bulky coat and heavy shoes then wear them when travelling. This will save space in your suitcase and reduce the weight of your case at the check-in desk.
  • Research your resort and accommodation – Check out the place you are visiting before you travel if you are supplied towels and a hairdryer in the accommodation then you have no need to take up suitcase space with your own items. If you can buy shampoo and suntan lotion nearby, then do that.